About Daantje Bons

Self portrait Daantje Bons 2021

” it’s about photographing from the heart and not apologizing for it. “

“Bons’ images are surprising, funny and often risqué — like a guide to puberty mixed with an untrustworthy recipe book with a surrealist twist.”

By Priscilla Frank – The Huffington Post


Commissioned Work




Another passion of Daantje is to collaborate with like-minded magazines, brands, journalists, companies and organizations.

Working together with different disciplines make a great way of creating unique views. Therefore Daantje will be very happy to get in touch with you or your company to inspire some more! 


Daantje Bons is located in The Netherlands but is always available to travel

For inquiries please send an e-mail to: info@daantjebons.com