jun 8, 2022


The ‘Half a pound of art‘ Group exhibition at Størpunkt Gallery in Munich takes place from May 5th until June 17th 2022.

The following works by Daantje Bons are exhibited:

  • Rose Lips
  • Nanana
  • Treasure Box
  • Tongue
  • Candy Mountain
  • Modern Witch
A Little bit about the exhibition by Størpunkt:
In our annual exhibition series HALF A POUND OF ART we unite strong positions of international artists who have something innovative to offer the art world. The exhibited works are exclusively small format with a maximum size of 50 x 50 cm. The exhibition does not follow a thematic curation, crucial factors are the size and excellence of the works. The medium is kept open and offers space for painting and sculpture, as well as for photography, installations, conceptual or video art. On display are outstanding works that challenge our viewing habits, works that awaken in us a love of detail and, above all, are characterized by technical sophistication. This exhibition is conceived as an homage to the small format – a sometimes underestimated but highly exciting format in which a maximum of technical expertise and creative refinement accumulates.

Photos during the opening of the exhibition by Oleksandr Pityn.