okt 4, 2022


The exhibition ‘De rebel in mij is blootgewoon‘ (The rebel in me is simply ordinary) takes place from October 4th until October 9th 2022 at Gallery Waterbolk Utrecht.
Curated by Ghita van Bergen

About this exhibition

A retrospective of work made between 2013 and 2022.

The works on display mainly consist of self-portraits, supplemented with still lifes, all of which are the result of research into sexuality and gender identity. Maybe my photos will offend you, maybe you will experience recognition. Everything is allowed.

I grew up in a world where my female body is being looked at. This determined the way I started to behave and even how I related to my own body. Within my photography, I challenge these feelings and ideas. Self-portraiture is an important form for me to explore my vision. Both about my own body, and what this vision does in public space.

The photos in this exhibition are made out of frustration, acceptance, and reflection. It is an ongoing investigation into how beliefs and ideas about my female body have influenced my identity.


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Adress Gallery:

Schoutenstraat 10

3512 GB Utrecht

The Netherlands

Opening Hours

TUESDAY OCTOBER 4 10:00 17:00
THURSDAY OCTOBER 6 10:00 21:00
(Celebration) 😀

From 18:00 till 21:00

FRIYAY OCTOBER 7 10:00 17:00
SATURDAY OCTOBER 8 10:00 17:00
SUNDAY OCTOBER 9 10:00 17:00